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Have you ever walked to the top of a mountain and took in the view? Or have you ever sat on the roof of your house and watched the sun go down. The feelings you get are unbelievable. Chills up your arm, heavy sighs, the feeling that you’re floating, and you can't stop smiling. All of this is what I feel when I am holding a baby and capture a heavenly moment!


My name is Bassem and I play many roles in life, most importantly, I am the father of the sweetest boy in my whole world. he born and diagnosed for NCBRS which is less than 100 case reported around the world. I live everyday to make sure he has the best life and all the love he could ever need.

I am Over of 17 years of expires in VFX & certified from Animation Mentor in the state of CA.


I have honed my craft and developed my style of photography to deliver the most beautiful images my client. Having photographed hundreds of newborn clients in the last 5 years.
My style is vibrant and rich in color. I always strive to capture images of your babies that show just how truly beautiful they are. I think that it is important to offer variety to my clients.

I also have experience with multiples. I have worked with twins and triplets on several occasions and would love to create those memories for your sweet babies as well.
You can read many testimonials by checking me out on Yele


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Tel: (626) 888-1417


Studio Address

16601 Gothard Street Ste M,

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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Treasure4Life | Orange County | Newborn Photographer
Certified Professional Photographer
Serving Southern California, Huntington Beach Orange County and Los Angeles

Maternity Photography | Newborn Photography | Childrens Photography | Family Photography

16601 Gothard St Suite M, Huntington Beach, CA 92647  -  (626) 888-1417

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